About Us

On ATYR, anyone can be a model and catwalk their style. It’s a platform to keep connected through fashion by following and being inspired by your family, friends and role models. Stay connected through outfit ratings, comments and reposts and discover trendsetters that are sharing their ATYR. You can tag where you’ve found items on your friends outfits as well known fashion icons. Find the best deals on sought after items and keep up to date with the latest drops and releases. If it’s on ATYR, it will be found.  Join the ATYR community to wear & share your favourite clothing and style.


* Photo and catwalk posts - Share outfits with your followers through images and videos (catwalks) that will be on your profile.

* Star ratings - With ATYR ratings are the new likes. Give an outfit a star rating out of 5 depending on how good you think it is.

* Tagging - Happen to know where someone got their shoes/jacket/earrings from? Tag the link on the items page to let people know where to find the items that they want and how much they’ll cost. Build your reputation as a tagger or use other people’s tags to find the best deals for the items on your wish-list.